How to Delete Documents and Data on an iPhone Fast

Every app on your phone stores at least a small amount of data onto the phone. With more and more apps becoming popular, it can sometimes lead to the issue of running out of hard drive space on your iPhone. Well if you’re wondering how to delete documents and data on iPhone, this article will point you in the right direction.

iPhone Documents and Data Taking Up Space

The files on your phone can be anything from those pictures you took at the beast last week or temporary files stored by any of the apps on your phone. Some apps are worse than others at storing files on your device, while all of them can slow down your phone if left unchecked. The best way to first free up some space is going to be to delete any apps you don’t want. The largest chunk of space an app takes up is the app itself, so this is a good way to not only free up some shortcuts but to clear space on your iPhone. If you delete something you didn’t want to, never fear! You can always go back into the iTunes store and download it again free of cost.

how to delete documents and data on iphone

how do I delete documents and data from iPhone 5

You may be wondering what to do after you have deleted all your apps. Sometimes that gives us just the space it needs, while other times it seems our phones are still just as filled up. What you’re going to need to do is now go in and delete specific documents and settings that are unneeded. to do this first tap on the Settings. Once you’re there, tap on General, in that tab you will again tap on Storage and icloud Usage. Now that you’re here, click Manage Storage, a button just under the subheading Storage. Now that you’re here, take a look at all the storage sizes of the apps you see. Some may show a size of 60mb in the description of the app, but the stored files may have brought it up to over a Gigabyte! You are going to want to click on Delete App and delete it in its entirety. Once you’re done going through deleting any apps that have gotten too big with all the various storage files, you will need to get the ones you want back. Go into the app store and download them all, and they will be installed at the basic size, no more pesky 500mb apps!

what does documents and data mean on iPhone storage

There are thousands of files in total an any given person’s iPhone. These files¬†range from a wide variety of types and purposes, but not all of them need to be there. Temporary files are something most apps create;¬†however, the term temporary can be misleading. These files don’t always get deleted, leaving them to pile up and turn your 70-megabyte app into a 400-megabyte app. Browser history, cookies, and other such things can contribute to the rising stash of unneeded files, so cleaning your browser app is a must. Other than that, using the steps outlined above is sure to keep your phone running fast and smooth for a long time!